Cartier rolled out 130 editions new watches and this year it has 110 editions, so every time we could not see a whole bunches of new watches, but every time, if you are at present, so you will see a big advancement in its technology, such as the cartier ballon bleu replica, and in this year, it has a new CLE series. Cartier definitely has the power to designing powerful watches, and every one of them are worthy of your exploration. But why does it make a ring shape. Cartier paid a lot of attention in its crown, such as the domed sapphire.

After the main brands, you will find that in this SIHH there are some brands that try to lowered the price and try to get more customers. If you pay attention you will see some top brands , and you will see no matter the basic edition or golden edition, they reaches their almost button price. It has the complication that other brands do not have.

Montblanc is famous for its pens, it still takes the lead in the watch industry, as well as other fields. But in recently years, watch industry has great achievement, and Montblanc has more amazing movements. It has the complication that other brands does not have. Lower price, and the fame of Montblant make it quite luring.

If Richemont is against this actions, then Montblanc would have those new watches with us. But since Richemont, with so many famous brands on it, did such a thing, then it must reveal a message to us: there are something going on about the price of the watch. In the stage of we attending the 2015 SIHH, the sudden soaring in the Swiss Franc is stronger than Euro. In the following days, I guess, there will be more funny things awaiting us, and many unexpected changes.

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