Briefing on Hublot Big Bang Steel Caviar

The Bing Bang series is known to the world, and has many members among which Carviar definitely takes the lead. Although it come to exist for not a long time, it becomes the cult items among fans. Inspired by the precious caviar, Hublot rolled out its Caviar watches in 2011. The novel design brings a new blood to the watch industry and thus gains high popularity and becomes the hottest one in Hublot family watches. Today, we focus on a quite unique Hublot watches-Big Bang Steel Caviar.

The first impression on this watch is the magnificence. Multiple complicated processing, such as rilievo, diamond cutting, and polishing are expressed on Caviar. The bright yellow and the pure black gives us a strong visual shock, and a particular case then presents a watch with unusual character. The black ceramics is shining and 6 screws makes its looks more charming and the patterns on the dial is a good adornment to the dial. The rectangle patterns spread on the side of the watch. On the back of the watch there is a see-through case back. The Hublot-made movement looks different from other movements in terms of the designing style. Skeleton movement displays such a clever designing. The crown seems tiny and it is covered with PVD material and a logo is set on it, making it recognizable. In such way, the novel and traditional designing could be inherited perfectly.

As the Caviar is smaller than other watches, and the ceramics contributes to a light weight, the strap made of alligator skin and ceramics is remarkable good when earing it. The top caviar has rare production, so it is high in price and you should appreciate every bit of it. Just like the caviar food, Big Bang Caviar is such one that you should take time to appreciate it.

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