Fresh momentum for the Colt

Founding in 1980th, Breitling Colt was originally, just like Navitimeter, chronomat, designed for military, but gradually gained popularity among public dues to its solid case, terrific performance and clear reading and now it is the basic type of Breitling. This year, Breitling Colt come back with a brand-new look and important features. The wide bezel is branded with time indexes and is carved with four bezel indicator which can not only maintain a perfect manipulation, but can also protect sapphire mirror. The watch has a sealed and solid case that can resist water pressure beneath 200 meters’ depth. The dial has black, blue and silver round time indexes and big hands which is coated with luminous materials and looks vivid. What’s more, there are stainless strap, rubber strap and leather strap that matches the watches. the new Colt series has four types: one has a 44 mm bezel and an automatic mechanical movement and gets COSC certificate. The other two has a more precise movement-SuperQuartzTM.

Breitling Colt Chronograph
Breitling Colt Chronograph is fitted with a SuperQuartzTm movement, ten time precise than normal quartz movement. Colt Chronograph inherits the military styles, such as solidness, excellent performance and clear readings. On the single directional rotating movement, 4 Breitling logos indicators are branded on the bezel to keep a fine operation, and the solid case can keep water from infiltrating into the watch even under 200 meters’ depth under the water.

Breitling Colt Automatic

Breitling Colt Automatic tries to keep simple. It expresses its charms as a military watch. The bezel which has satin weave pattern on it has four bezel indicator. This clever design can not only keep a perfect screw-in operation, it can also protect the mirror. What’s more, the black, blue and silver bezel has amazingly gorgeous round time indexes. The steel case which can reaches 200 meters depth has a screw-in bezel and an automatic winding movement that gets the COSC certificates is equipped with it.

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