The common strategy of REPLICA IWC is to choose a theme every year. Pilot has been the theme in 2012 , then Engineer in 2013 and now Diving in 2014. REPLICA IWC brings three special chronograph and heralds other many wonderful works. In 2014, REPLICA IWC will choose Aqcuatimer Family as their theme and rolls out many diver watchers.

What exposes to us is the Acquatimer chronograph 2000 automatic. Back to 1982, REPLICA IWC cooperated with famous designer, Ferdinand Porsche and released Acquatimer 2000 which is the first watch that was made of titanium and pass the water-proof test. Later, Acquatimer become a representative that was specially designed for diving.

In 2009, REPLICA IWC first time reach an agreement on their cooperation with Darwin Foundation in Gal¨¢pagos Islands and then released limited number of Gal¨¢pagos-theme watches. And the feature is that there is a Gal¨¢pagos turtle-icon that is branded on the case back. In addition, part of income from these limited edition will be donated to the Foundation to protect environment.

In 2014, REPLICA IWC brings us a new REPLICA IWC IW379502, with a simple appearance, less arresting hues and only a yellow hand that highlight the whole watch. It also equipped with a brand-new rotating bezel and inside the structure lies a REPLICA IWC-made movement.

The third watch is Acquatimer ‘Darwin expedition’ special edition IW 379503 as a commemoration of Darwin, a scientist who had many dangerous and profound expedition. Bronze bezel features this type because this is the first time that applied bronze to watch as well as the last one that Panerai used bronze in watch industry. The watch is fitted with a home-made movement, 89386 and has a new rotating bezel. It reaches 300 meters depth when we talk about water-proof performance. And REPLICA IWC Acquatimer is a great choice for you to go diving in the hot summer holiday!

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