When it comes to the Replica Panerai watches, we need to know about its movement before making your purchase on it, which include the Non-homemade movement and Home-made movement.

Non-homemade movement
Panerai had been using others’ movements for a long time since its foundation, particularly the ETA 6497 is the movement that was frequently appeared on other watches, somebody even made the remark that ETA was the most precious movement of Panerai. Anyway, ETA 6497 laid the foundation and paved the way for the future prosperity of Panerai. 6497 was firstly applied to Unita 6497 pocket watch, and after that, ETA was brought out. As it was used in a pocket watch, the movement was really big but had a stable performance and really matched the big Panerai case.

If the ETA6497 laid the foundation for Panerai, then the following three movement could be the grandfather of Panerai’s movement, namely Rolex 618, Angelus240 and Minerva16-17. It could be concluded that the above three movements played a big role in the Paenrai’s history and they are the typical movements for the Panerai’s fans, ignoring their high price in the market or auction.

Home-made movement
In 2002, Panerai started its way on developing its own movement and in 2005 Richemont Group set up a small workshop for Panerai dedicating to inventing new movements for Panerai. Although watches with non-hoemmade movement have good sale, why does Panerai want to make its own movement? Maybe it wants to build a movement kingdown that is ruled by it. in 2005, the first home-made movement, P.2003 was invented and in the following 4 years consecutively rolled out p.2003, p.2004, p.2005 and p.2006 and some minor changes on the movement can also be found, such as 2002/1.

The above are the famous movement of Panerai. we could not brief on every movement of Panerai but what we are talking about also covers a wide range of Panerai’s movement.

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