Some watch brands claim that they has at least 72 hours of power reserve, and a series of watches can prove that. but such a claim does not fit for everyone. 42 hours of energy reserve seems to be standard, and consumers apparently accept it. Basically, only two elements can broke that deadlock: changes demands of consumer or breaking other oligarches. Now, it seems that things are going toward two ways. ETA announced that it will stop supplying movement to brands that is outside its group, which means that the interest related part get involved in this and also reveal that ETA will re-examine the specifications from changing the energy reserve. So Breitling sets 70 hours as the threshold while Tag Heuer sets 80 hours, and other brands also make changes at the same time such as replica panerai watches swiss movement setting 8 days.

Consumers also changes. They do not want to pay another 40,000 Swiss Franc for another 40 hours of energy reserve. What happened in the market go around whole world. Carole Forestier-Kasapi, the head director of Cartier movement developing center, expressed that we must we have to distinguish the ordinary watch and just a pure limitation of energy reserve. It is not so hard to add more barrels into it, but if we want to build an ordinary watch, we have to take techniques and aesthetic look into consideration. Richard Miller also agreed with that and pointed out that the most important thing is to keep harmonious working together in a watch.

Power reserve we mentioned in Formula 1 seems to be funny but could not be applied to the real life. Comparing to that, independent watch producers seems to be have less stress. Like Speak-Marin Resilience, it has 4 to 5 days of energy reserve. Julien Coudray 1518 Manufacture has 60 hours of energy and Laurent Ferrier Galet Classic even reaches 80 hours.

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