Rolex Watches – Something You Do Not Know

The name of the Rolex comes from its easy readability

Rolex, unlike many traditional watchmaking brands, named with its founder after just three years later it was renamed “Rolex” and it is used until today, as previously mentioned, Rolex is focusing on the international market, when the founder of Rolex Wilsdorf named its factory “Rolex”, precisely because it was easy to read, in order to make the customers under the background of all kinds of culture can read the name easily, it is a bit like the parents today who consider the important factor when naming for their children: convenient for speaking, reading and writing. Sometimes I also think that, in order to let others remember you with a particularly complex name, also it is not necessarily desirable things in particular, because this will bring people with identifiable “trouble”, but the true meaning of life is “convenient with people, convenient with yourself”.

Rolex once produced the quartz watches

Many friends will be surprised on this fact, “oh my god, is that true?” “This is to be overqualified?” “In order to make money so Rolex produced quartz watches “?” Actually everybody don’t be surprised like this, there is a special deep saying “when young people choose to try new things, we should give understanding and blessing with open eyes “, understanding and blessing may have asked too much, at least not “demonised”, you know, in the last century 60 s, quartz watch is really is a new things, just like today’s smart watches, but is to give it a try, why be so strict, besides because of minimal production, in the luxury goods world which is precious with rare things, the Rolex quartz watches are valuable. There once has a rolex quartz watch, Oysterquarz Datejust 19018, is made with 18 k gold, and we can identify it as the quartz Rolex Datejust from its appearance.

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